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Ramé-hart instrument co. is world's first maker of a contact angle tool and today is the world leader in contact angle and surface science instruments. Ramé-hart offers a wide variety of goniometer and tensiometer models from basic to advanced and automated with many modular accessories to meet your specific requirements.

The current generation of instruments measure static and dynamic contact angle, drop dimensions, surface energy, work of adhesion, surface tension and interfacial tension, and with the appropriate accessories, advancing and receding contact angle, roll-off angle, contact angle hysteresis, surface dilatational elasticity and viscosity, relaxation, absorption, cleanliness, wettability, adhesion, and the quality and efficacy of surface treatments and modifications.

See detail information in our catalogue (PL).

You are welcome to visit Rame-Hart web page.

PLEASE SEE Actual Newsletter JUNE 2019

On the Rame-Hart website you can access the huge knowledge database - both the basics of contact angle measurements and examples of their practical use in various applications of technology and science. Please see couple of examples:

Goniometr Rame-Hart

Goniometr Rame-Hart